Investment protection and migration option

Keep your data within your control

Every customer is special

Unlike in a "normal" clearing center, we do not process identical procedures, but each customer is managed as a client. This enables us to set up individual processes.


Software as a Service

Due to the structure of the DEC, every customer can implement all requirements within the scope of the service. This includes, among other things, the connection of customers, suppliers, forwarders, subsidiaries, banks and all other partners with whom you exchange information electronically.

Should it become apparent in the future that changed requirements necessitate a separate, local solution, our customers have the option of purchasing the software as well as the framework including the defined processes. After that, your company will have a universal and powerful data hub with which you will be able to meet all upcoming requirements. We help you with the migration and the development of the necessary know-how.

Thus, all active processes can continue to run and no changes in processing have to be made. The existing workflows can be used directly and, if necessary, adapted, modified or extended by yourself. This makes it possible to work autonomously and strategically with the migrated solution.

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