Implementation procedure

How the changeover works

Every customer has special requirements, which is why their processes are also individually coordinated at the DEC. For an initial overview, however, some basic procedures can be listed.

  • Discussion of requirements from you and/or your partner
  • Definition of technical challenges with the parties involved
  • Clarification of goal/benefit
  • Clarification of technical requirements with all parties
  • Coordination of project schedule
  • Appointment of technical contact persons
  • Clarification of individual department-specific issues (e.g., business department, IT, ERP, firewall, communications, ....)
  • Concept for the organizational and technical process
  • Set-up of the basis (DEC client, physical communication, technical workflows, etc.)
  • Provision of test data (by the data sender, i.e. DEC client for outgoing processes, your partner for incoming processes)
  • Request for interface description per process (e.g. ERP output)
  • User data analysis and creation of the conversion to neutral center (NM)
  • Creation of the partner specific format
  • Manual processing into target format, manual transfer of test data, tests
  • Establishment of physical communication channels
  • First controlled automated processing
  • Coordination of parallel operation with all parties involved (electronic data run parallel to the previous path)
  • Once it has been established that there are no errors, the go-live date is defined (as communication is generally only electronic at this point, we recommend concluding an EDI contract with the customer from this point onwards, in which the most important points are regulated)
  • Productive operation
The switch to automated and electronic processes requires a great deal of knowledge. On the one hand, about how processes are run in-house, and on the other hand, about what needs to be taken into account in detail. Many electronic connections do not bring the desired success because the technical processes has not been dealt with sufficiently beforehand.

A fast technical implementation is no guarantee that a stable basis for future requirements has been created. We have already experienced too often that after years only a technical patchwork remained of a solution that was once believed to be perfect.

Therefore, trust our experience and foresight to build a scalable foundation for future digital requirements. We have acquired know-how in more than 20 years, which is unique in the e-business sector. And as you know, "there is no substitute for experience".


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