Formats and communication channels

Formats and communication channels

In short, we can offer any format and transmission method you need. If your requirements change over time, it is easy to adapt.

Here is a list of the most frequently requested formats and communication channels. If the format you require is not included, please contact us to check if it is possible.



The following technical formats are the most frequently requested:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • FlatFile
  • IDOC
  • XML (all variants)
  • JSON
  • VDA
  • Ansi X.12
  • PDF
  • ANSI X.12
  • Odette
  • Tradacom
  • ebXML
  • XInvoice
  • ...

Communication channels

Typical communication channels are:

  • VAN
    • Telebox X400
    • OpenText
  • SHK Mail
  • E-mail
  • OFTP2
  • WebService
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • http/https
  • AS2
  • AS4
  • File
  • SAP Remote Function Call
  • ...

The "neutral central hub"

Thanks to the "neutral central hub" developed by us, you do not have to worry about dependencies of your internal processes on those of your partner. Both are managed separately from each other. You simply use the service, e.g. to send invoices. You supply the data in the format that your existing system puts out, and we take care of the rest. For each partner, it can be individually defined in which format and via which communication channel they would like to receive the data. In the same way, incoming documents, such as orders, are "translated" back into the appropriate format for your system.