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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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How does e-Manager relate to its customers?
We regard ourselves as a service provider to our customers. We attach great importance to understanding what our customers do and how they work. This allows us to be a reliable and competent e-business consultant for you.

Is e-Manager experienced enough?
We have been working in the field of e-business for more than 20 years and are one of the few consulting companies that act independently. In more than 1,500 projects of various kinds we have gained enough experience to work out the right strategy for you. E-business is our core competence. We manage all areas for you and ensure reliable and smoothly automated business processes.

Are there additional costs for error correction?
We correct any errors that occur as quickly as possible. If we find that identical errors occur repeatedly, we work with the customer to determine the cause and find a solution. Content-related errors are analyzed by us and, if necessary, corrected directly. This service is charged at the end of the month on a time basis in 5-minute intervals. This guarantees a fast error correction without high costs.

How much does it cost to connect another partner?
This depends on what is already available and can be used. If the process as well as the format preparation is available, you will be charged only for the communication connection. Thus, the costs  can vary from 0.- € (with an existing process) to a maximum of 1,200.- €.

How much support time is included?
We have no restrictions on how much phone support we give. We always do what is necessary to keep the processes running for our customers.

Are there any restrictions on availability?
We contractually guarantee availability by phone according to our SLA (currently from Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am to 5:15 pm). However, due to our flexible working hours (since mid-2019), we provide additional support availability. If special support is needed (e.g. ERP migration, conversions, etc.) we can also offer availability outside these times. Our long-term customers know that we attach great importance to this and take the issue of service and personal availability very seriously!

What about assessing new requirements?
In this case, do not worry. We are available as your external e-business team. Just forward us the requests and we will give you feedback on what this means in terms of e-business processing and what would need to be done to comply.

Where is the e-Manager DEC located?
Our data exchange center is located in a state-of-the-art data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, just a few hundred meters from the world's largest Internet hub. All the necessary infrastructure is in place here: double fiber optic connections, sufficient emergency power supplies, adequate cooling, etc.

What if EAI is required in the future?
Our DEC is based on one of the most powerful and modern BPM solutions. If your requirements change, especially if you want to link different applications in your company, this is no problem. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can export the processes set up for you at the DEC and continue to operate them at your company. We advise you on the necessary steps and changes and are happy to support you through the process.

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