Data exchange center

We take care of your data exchange so that you can take care of your core business.

This is how the DEC works:

It is not always necessary or sensible to operate your own data center. The full-service cloud from e-Manager is an ideal solution for many companies in the e-business sector. The highly available virtual data center offers a variety of standardized processes and workflows that have proven themselves for hundreds of partners over the past decades. In addition, it is possible to set up individual processes that fit your requirements exactly.

Due to the "neutral central hub" developed by us, the processing of data is separated into a process part and a partner part. Thus, changes made by our customers (e.g. change of ERP system) affect the process part, but the partner parts do not have to be changed.

The identical representation of all user data in the neutral central hub across all processes makes the processing more controllable and easier to use. It acts as a central point of coordination and verification.

Formats and communication channels

You can define the format and communication channel for each of your partners individually, depending on their preferences. We take care of the necessary conversion. This also applies to partners without their own EDI system (e.g. invoices as PDF or CSV).

Data consistency and troubleshooting

With our tried and tested solutions, we can automatically detect and report on incorrect data, duplicates, zero invoices and much more.
Data enrichment is also possible to improve data quality or complete information.

Investment protection and migration option

Should the transition to a local, in-house solution be desired or necessary in the future, you can purchase the software and install it at your own company. We support you in the implementation. This way, the transition runs smoothly and all processes can be adopted.

and monitoring

We check daily whether all data has been processed correctly. You can receive regular reports on your current data traffic or get an overview via our document portal. On request, you will be informed about every processing status.

Implementation procedure

Together, we look at your existing processes and future requirements and map them accordingly in the DEC.
Our personal support looks after you before, during and after the implementation.

Frequently asked

Read here what differentiates us from a "normal" clearing center, how we ensure scalability and future viability of the application, and the answers to other common concerns and frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

With us, you only pay for what you actually use. Therefore, a blanket price quote is not possible.
Nevertheless, you can get a price overview for your requirements from the DEC standard components.
Here you can download price information for the most common services. (German)

If you initially want to send electronic invoices only to tax authorities and other public-sector customers (e-Invoicing Government), you can obtain a corresponding sample offer here. (German)


More than 15 years of experience and over 1,500 connected companies


The company Jumo has been using our data exchange center since 2013. Jumo is a leading manufacturer of measurement and control technology with 25 subsidiaries at home and abroad. Over the years, they have connected three country subsidiaries and about 10 partners, who receive their data in 10 different formats.

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