Data consistency and troubleshooting

For smooth operations

Special features

To ensure that the data can be processed smoothly by you or your partners, we have developed various solutions to filter out incorrect data for you in advance. In the event of an error, you can also be informed directly (e.g. by e-mail or escalation routines specially created to meet your requirements).

Data consistency/custom functions

Among others, the following actions can be performed automatically:

  • Removal of zero invoices
  • Filtering of documents without a position
  • Duplicate check
  • Scheme check
  • Content check
  • Preparation of goods tags, accompanying documents etc. also with barcode
  • Receipt of PDF invoices, recognition, verification and electronically forwarding them to your ERP
  • Receipt of PDF orders, recognition, verification and electronically forwarding them to your ERP
  • ...


If errors occur during data processing, there are several ways to handle them.

  • Remove faulty documents in a controlled manner and process remaining documents
  • PDF error report with detailed description for each faulty document (requires defined check)
  • PDF error report directly to the sender with your company identifiers (e.g. logo)
  • Setup of customer-specific escalation routines

The correction of errors is charged according to actual effort with a cycle of 5 minutes. Recurring errors are analyzed and corrected in cooperation with the customer.

Improvement of data quality

If you or your customers cannot provide us with complete data, it is possible to complete the data using predefined enrichment tables. Examples for this enrichment of master data are:

  • Conversion of internal partner identifiers to market identifiers
  • Enrichment from previous documents, e.g. transfer of the original order item to the invoice
  • Adding of time stamps if necessary
  • Determination of delivery times (if calculable)
  • Accumulating and checking amounts


Generating EDI invoice lists or collective documents

Some customers still require the transmission of collective invoices together with an invoice list. We generate these for you on the basis of individual documents. A unique invoice list ID is generated and all transmitted invoices are added up and converted into an invoice list with correct content. You receive the invoice list ID automatically from the DEC for storage in the financial accounting system. This ensures that the outgoing invoice list is complete and correct, thereby avoiding payments being withheld due to a single document and improving your liquidity.


Solutions for limited EDI capabilities

You or your customers do not have the technical capabilities to process data electronically? We offer you various options so that you or your customers do not have to do without EDI.

  • Generation of PDF documents
  • Generation of CSV data
  • Preparation of data in Excel tables
  • Collection of non-electronic invoices (paper, PDF, ....)


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