Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Ensure consistent and streamlined processes

Business Process Automation

BPA is the automation or support of processes in a company with the help of technology.

At e-Manager GmbH, we use BPA primarily to describe the digitization of non-electronic data. This is data that is usually read and interpreted by humans.

A typical example is the receipt of invoices by mail or as PDFs via e-mail. Up to now, these have been processed manually.

Under the collective term e-invoicing, there are various solutions that can read, check and digitize documents and thus not only save time and money, but also avoid errors. Master data can be compared and, if necessary, supplemented and the data can be automatically transferred directly to the target application (financial accounting, sales, ERP, ...).

Processes can be set up in the electronic inbox that make sure e-mails are automatically forwarded to the right contact person.

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Our services

  • Automatic processing of supplier invoices from PDF, paper, image
  • Automatic processing of customer orders from PDF, paper, image
  • Electronic inbox and e-mail classification