Checks and monitoring

To make sure you know what is going on at all times

Everything is under control

The e-Manager GmbH supervises the daily operating of the DEC. Sensor-controlled monitoring enables fast and continuous surveillance of all important systems and processes. Any errors that occur are displayed immediately and rectified without delay. If necessary, external partners are directly involved in the troubleshooting process. This saves time and reduces your workload.


Convenient tracking

To ensure that our clearing center is not a "black box" for you, we provide various options to give you a detailed overview of the status of your data.

In the DEC, work is done at the document level. This means: Every user can search directly for purchase order number, invoice number or similar data without having to go through the IT department.

e-Manager Web Interface Basic

You can access our document tracking in real time and see where your data is and what its status is. It's all done in our own web interface, personalized for you and available around the clock.

Live feedback on data received or sent by email

You can receive automated messages from our system as soon as your data has been sent to the business partner. Of course, we can also inform you about new data in your inbox.

Preparation of an overview of your data

If you need daily reports about the data we process for you, we are happy to provide them. Either as a complete list or as lists per partner and/or process.

Analysis of your data traffic

You will receive regular reports about your current data traffic. This includes number of positions per month, number of documents per month, number of documents and positions per partner per month and number of documents and positions per process per month.


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